We are an Indian non-profit organization working at the national level with patients, caregivers and professionals associated with a liver disease.

Liver diseases are responsible for lakhs of deaths each year in India. Hepatitis B alone accounts for an estimated 50 million chronic carriers who are at high risk of progressing towards a permanently damaged liver: This includes cancer .

Not having a guaranteed cure for hepatitis B is only one issue. There is tremendous psychosocial burden impacting overall quality of life and coping with the illness as liver patients with prolonged disease are usually physically and man families and professionals who support patients living with a lifelong liver disease. It is all a part of a continuous commitment to care.

The list of liver diseases are endless and the road to meeting our goal long with so much to be done. Join our community to partner this cause.


Organ donation is the process of transplanting an organ or part of an organ to another person who needs it. The organs from one donor can save many lives.

The transplantation of an organ from one body to another is known as the organ transplant. The person who gives the organ is called the donor while the one who receives is called the recipient. Organ transplant is done to replace the recipient’s damaged organ with the working organ of the donor so that the recipient could function normally.

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